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第一个:Mayan Waterfall 3D


注册码: name: Maresma David s/n: 693P-VHFN-UEB7

Mayan Waterfall 3D Screensaver shows the exotic place that can be hardly found these days. Somewhere in the deep jungles there are age-old ruins of a Mayan settlement. They are placed near the magnificent waterfall and invite you to an interesting journey into the history of Mayan civilization. You may feast your eyes upon the ancient artifacts scattered about the ruins and admire the picturesque waterfall along with an assortment of evergreen plants and trees. Here you can rest, listening to the soft music, placating sounds of wildlife and murmuring water.
Many picturesque views and outstanding visuals form the pristine beauty of this vivid landscape. This makes it a perfect getaway spot for some serene relaxation. Also the screensaver allows you to select a piece of music from your own collection. Choose the musical accompaniment, which you think most properly emphasizes the atmosphere of this exotic place. Mayan Waterfall 3D Screensaver will become a balm for your taught nerves and a feast for your eyes. It will take you for a breathtaking journey that you won’t forget for a long time.

第二个:Deep Space 3D


注册码: name: Maresma David s/n: 8LGK-5N8P-7FSX

Deep Space 3D Screensaver offers you an opportunity to start off for a breathtaking space odyssey. Right before your eyes opens a magnificent view encompassing a very distant galaxy full of unexplored planetary systems, meteorites, mysterious nebulas and artifacts of unknown origin. The final frontier proves to be so immense and unbounded that no lifetime is enough to see it all. If you find yourself in need of quick refreshment, then this charming screensaver will be of much help. The whole new galaxy awaits to be explored. To infinity and beyond!
Deep Space 3D Screensaver is delivered in modern graphics with some high-quality special effects. The picture is so vivid and realistic that it’ll amaze even the most seasoned science fiction fan. The space depths have never looked so great! In order to enhance the immersion effect, the screensaver comes with wonderful music which is literally out of this world. But if you’d like to admire the vividness of space listening to your favorite tunes you are free to choose a musical accompaniment for playback at your favor.

第三个:Marine Aquarium 2.6 – Windows -带时间最新版




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  1. 板凳
    木本无心 Google Chrome Windows :


    2012-06-02 下午 3:01
    • zero Internet Explorer Windows :

      挺老的东西了。其实,现在家用电脑基本都退出XP的舞台了~~~ :!:

      2012-06-02 下午 3:42
  2. 沙发
    林肆 Google Chrome Windows :

    伤不起的屏保哇,基本没空看屏保,一般睡着了电脑是开着的。 :mrgreen:

    2012-06-01 下午 8:56


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